From the Golf Course ... to the Clubhouse!

It all started when my wife Colleen came home from golf after having used tanning cream on her feet. When she took off her socks, her feet were white streaked orange with brown rings on each toenail. Her socks were now orange as well. Wearing sandals after golf was of course impossible. In frustration she looked at me and said: "Why can't you find me something to tan my feet in all of those goofy magazines you read?" I looked back at her and something just clicked in my head and I said: "Honey, I don't think they make one of those."

I did a patent search and a web search which turned up no feasible products to tan your feet with tanning lamps. This started a 6 year effort to design, test, patent, test, patent, test, design, manufacture molds, and test until the SOLAFEET ST-400 model could be produced. Early on in the process, Wolff Systems lent their expertise to help steer us to the optimal design which saved us a lot of time and effort. They continue to be a major source of expertise in our continuing relationship.

When my wife and I started, we had only one rule for the project. Whatever we developed at whatever cost, IT HAD TO WORK! IT HAD TO TAN YOUR FEET! This may sound obvious but we purchased a couple of portable tanning units early on and were dumbfounded that someone would sell something that not only didn't work but might even be dangerous to use. In designing a foot tanner device, there are FDA restrictions on the amount of UV radiation that you can be exposed to in any period of time, which relate to the time it would take to produce a sunburn with very light skin. Of course the whole idea of tanning your feet is not only looks, but also to produce a suntan, which is the body's protection against sunburn.


Given these restrictions, the Solafeet ST-400 does a great job of getting enough of the right UV mix to maintain your tan with a 15 minute session after every round of golf. Producing a tan from sunless feet takes 7-14 days of sessions, depending on the type of skin you have.